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Find Your Content Sweet Spot!

If you've tried figuring out a more consistent approach to creating online content and you can't seem to stick to it -- it's not your fault. If you're tired of flailing around, wondering what you should be creating that will actually support your business and your students -- you're not alone!


You want to create an online presence that feels authentic to you! You want to put content out into the world that is relevant and meaningful.


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I'm Andrea and I love creating online content!


You might know me as the host of Yogaland Podcast, where I interview yoga teachers and wellness professionals.


Before that, I spent a decade at Yoga Journal helping well-known yoga teachers hone their voice. For the past several years, I've supported my husband, yoga teacher Jason Crandell, by building our blog, our social media following, and our newsletter.


Soon, I'm launching a step-by-step online course that will yoga teachers (just like you!) learn how to create online content that reflects their values and helps grow their online presence. 


I'll teach you a system to come up with ideas effortlessly, organize those ideas, and execute them at the ideal time for you and your students.


I can't wait to work with you! 


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